[Brand Introduction]

This brand products by the the American authoritative the ANIMATE skin research vice president Dr Kyla Pratt and dozens of countries to skin experts and professors - mainly focusing on the development of successful skin care effects concentrated essence series. Selling global,has been sweeping the skin care ahead of the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries.


ANIMATE essences quality pure, no stimulation, each and essence separate sealed packaging, no pollution, each with one to ensure that each use are fresh concentrated essence perfect care of your skin! Completely free of additives and preservatives. The essence of the

molecule is very delicate at the same time, completely absorbed by the skin, and definitely will not lead to fat particles.


containing aloe, allantoin, vitamin E, with bleach or play down too deep chloroplasts, control and eliminate age spots, Hu Dieban hole freckles effect.

[Usage]:                                     Apply cream evenly applied to the face morning and evening.

 cut the capsule Remove the essence evenly paint on the face, by touch gently for 2-3 minutes, morning and evening.